100 % natural juices and nectars "Jale"


"Jale" is natural juice made of 100% ecologically clean and natural fruit. Owing to the original taste and high quality, the natural juices and nectars "Jale" occupied prize-winning places at various international competitions. Keeping leadership in the local market, the natural juices and nectars "Jale" are successfully exported to the countries of the European Union, the Baltic countries, the CIS countries, Turkey, Iran, the USA and more than 30 countries.

Natural juices "Jale" present to you the taste of such fruits as Cherry, Apple, Ananas, Pear, Banana, Blackberry, Sea-buckthorn berries, Strawberry, Apricot, Feijoa, Plum, Sloe, Quince, Pomegranate, Orange, Black Currant, Peach, Tomato, Grapes, Cornelian Cherries, and also it is necessary to single out "Multivitamin" which is full of vitamins.